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Magdalena #1 -- a happy place

One of the things I've liked about the Top Cow 'verse is that there are some good, empowered female characters, and there are two warriors who can only be women: she who wields the Sword of Zion (aka The Witchblade) and the line of women descended from Christ, the Magdalena.

And yeah this whole, when one Magdalena falls, the next is called is very BtVS, and the whole sacred bloodline of Christ is very Vatican conspiracy-esque, but 100% screaming orginality isn't always necessary to produce something that's an entertaining read.

What I didn't enjoy about a lot of the women warriors in the TC'verse was that for all that they were awesome and kicked ass, there was a lot of gratuitous T&A in them.

Magdalena #1 is a reboot of the previous series, and a lot has changed.

Here's the cover with art by Ryan Sook

No bare midriff, no "presenting like a mandrill", just the body suit with spauldrons, vambraces, and greaves designed by series artist Nelson Blake, and action pose.


Here's a panel from the interior of the book, with art by Nelson. This is the "sexiest" panel of that fight scene.

Again, I note the lack of bare midriff and the suit that's entirely practical for staff/spear fighting.


You'd think a scene set on the beach would feature at least one big panel of Patience in a teeny weeny bikini adopting a hoochie-mama pose.

You'd be wrong.


Patience goes on a dinner date ... okay, more of a business meeting. And there's no slinky V-neck-down-to-navel, huge slit-up-the-side dress.

In addition to that being something most women would wear on a business casual meeting, I note that beneath her top, her breasts hang like, y'know, actual breasts.

The story, by Ron Marz is solid (but not spectacular), and the art is handled by a man who doesn't feel the need to throw in T&A to keep his own, or the reader's interest.

I call it a win.

Now shake the change out of your couch and buy an issue so that Top Cow will keep making a comic like this.
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